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Generate ChainInfo

With graz generate you can generate mainnet and testnet chain ChainInfo directly from

# using yarn
yarn graz generate


-g, --generate Generate chain definitions and export to "graz/chains"
-h, --help Show this help message

Generate options:

  -b, --best            Set REST and RPC endpoint to best available nodes instead or first listed ones
-M, --mainnet Generate given mainnet chain paths seperated by commas (e.g. "axelar,cosmoshub,juno")
-T, --testnet Generate given testnet chain paths seperated by commas (e.g. "atlantic,bitcannadev,cheqdtestnet")
--authz Generate only authz compatible chains

Add it to your project

in your package.json add it to in your install or postInstall scripts

// ...
"scripts": {
"install": "graz generate -g"
// ...

Import generated chains

After you generate ChainInfo you can use it in you project

import { axelar, cosmoshub, sommelier } from "graz/chains";