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Query hook for dispatching a "raw" query to a CosmWasm smart contract. Note: it will initiate if address and key are there


import { useQuerySmart } from "graz";

const { data, isLoading } = useQueryRaw({ address, key });

Hook Params

address?: string // The address of the contract to query
key?: string //The key to lookup in the contract storage

Return Value

data: Uint8Array | null;
dataUpdatedAt: number;
error: TError | null;
errorUpdatedAt: number;
failureCount: number;
errorUpdateCount: number;
isError: boolean;
isFetched: boolean;
isFetchedAfterMount: boolean;
isFetching: boolean;
isLoading: boolean;
isLoadingError: boolean;
isPaused: boolean;
isPlaceholderData: boolean;
isPreviousData: boolean;
isRefetchError: boolean;
isRefetching: boolean;
isStale: boolean;
isSuccess: boolean;
refetch:(options?: RefetchOptions & RefetchQueryFilters) => Promise<QueryObserverResult<Uint8Array | null, unknown>>;
remove: () => void;
status: 'loading' | 'error' | 'success';
fetchStatus: 'fetching' | 'paused' | 'idle';